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CROW GROUP’’ Ltd, Sofia, is incorporated in 2003 with Decision No1/04.02.2003 of Sofia City Court.  The company is established with 100% Bulgarian participation in the capital, and with subject of activity - buying and preparing for sale ferrous and non-ferrous metal scraps for recycling. The company receives according to the current Bulgarian legislation unlimited license for commercial activity with ferrous and non-ferrous metal scraps no17/19.12 .2003 ,issued by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria.

From its inception until now, CROW GROUP’’Ltd has developed its own management team of highly qualified specialists in the field of waste management activities and approved itself as a stable and reliable partner in the branch.

CROW GROUP’’ Ltd. has unlimited DECISION № 12-DO-1215-00/10.01.2013 pursuant to Article 71, paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 35, paragraph 1, item 1 of the Waste Management Act/ WMA / issued by the Ministry of Environment and Water, Regional Inspectorateof Environmentand Waters /RIEW/ Sofia for carrying out waste activities

CROW GROUP’’ Ltd. is a member of BAR (Bulgarian Association of Recycling).

CROW GROUP’’ Ltd. has extensive experience and traditions in the execution of orders for metal scrap supply as the company has proven to its clients with professionalism, integrity and high quality.

The achieved successes since the foundation of the company until today are a result of the efforts of the management team to run the company by adhering to European standards for quality, safety and environmental standards.

The Company's policy is targeted at more fully satisfaction of increasing demands of suppliers and customers, as any new requirement is a challenge that the company can cope with.

The team of CROW GROUP’’ Ltd. has high ambitions:

  • to strengthen its position as a serious and reliable partner on the waste and scrap markets
  • to implement a new organization for better meet customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations;
  • to build even better partnerships with customers and suppliers as manifesting its increasing professionalism, offering flexible deals and deadlines for implementation of the received orders;
  • to work fora clean and healthyenvironment.
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GSM: 0885 000 498, 0887 258 205, Телефон: +359 2 400 1221, е-mail: info@crow.bg, www.crow.bg
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